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AmazonPee(); is a game that I and Brian Oko developed during a week of ActionScript course. The game is about a fish called "Candiru" that live in Amazon river, and there's a myth that if you urinate in the river this fish will detect the ammonia in the pee (which they really like). They will swim through your pee and finally get into your body, then they will suck your blood from inside... they are super scary fish! The reason why we made this game was because we wanted to educate people about this issue so that they can avoid ending up in the situation where a lot of fishes live in their body...

The game itself was written in ActionScript 3.0 and optimised for Android devices, and we use accelerometer in the device as a controller for the game. In the game you will be controlling the pee and there will be a lot of little candiru fish trying to catch you up. On the way you can help save local wildlife that are also attacked by the candiru. The more wildlife you saved, the more score you get!

Try it yourself, download AmazonPee(); (only for android devices)