Local Alike

Co-founded, Service & UX Design

While I was back in Thailand after graduated, I spent some good amount of time travelling around the country. I love going to places those are not very touristic, where local culture is still authentic and untarnished by mainstream tourism. Unfortunately, though, many of these communities are dying because there’re not so much opportunities for young people, so they leave to work in the cities and never go back.

I also learned that there are a lot of people who want to visit this kind of place. The sustainable tourism market is actually quite substantial compare to the overall industry. However these little hidden communities are not very accessible, so I thought there’s an opportunity to bridge the gap between the demand and supply. So in 2012, I co-founded Local Alike.

Community-based Tourism

Local Alike is a community-based tourism platform that helps connect travellers with local communities. There are two main things we do. First, we work with local communities to understand their needs and to get them ready for visitors, as well as co-create the best tourism experiences with them. Secondly, we provide an online marketplace where people can find authentic travel destinations and curated local experiences that mainstream travel agencies do not offer.

Looking for a unique torism experience in Thailand? Why not try Local Alike