Interaction & Visual Design + Prototyping

Skype living room experience was the first product team I was in after joining Skype in September 2013. Our team was responsible for crafting delightful Skype experience on large screens, and my first task was to design a brand new Skype for TV.

Living Room Experience

The biggest challenge in this project was the limitation of control interface. Navigating around on TV is not as easy as on mobile or PC. There's no touchscreen or mouse that user can easily go around the UI, instead there's only a remote control which can only go up, down, left, right, one step at a time, so a minimal navigation is key to the design.

Companion Device

During the project I also explored how Skype TV could work with a companion device. The goal was to create an experience that allows user to seamlessly transfer calls between different devices, as well as to control the TV using touch screen. To communicate the idea to stakeholders, I created a prototype with HTML and Javascript using Node.js which enables PC and mobile to talk to each other. Here's a short video showing how it works.