UID Redemption

Storytelling & Stop motion

One week workshop of Experimental Imaging with Matt Cottam from Tellart. During the week we were introduced to the fundamental concept of photography, as well as the ways to utilise professional equipments such as DSLR camera, light and dolly to their maximum capacity, so that we can use it for prototype and explain our design concepts.

During the week, we were also focussing on story telling and character developing because at the end of the week we had to make a short stop motion movie. I teamed up with Camila Lima, to create a stop motion short film called 'UID Redemption' — a parody version of the famous 'Shawshank Redemption'.

The story is about an Arduino who has been working hard for years at UID and reallt tired from being used every day and night by an interaction design student. This guy really misses his papa, Massimo Banzi, his home town, Ivrea, and his girlfriend, Lilypad! He wants to sneak out from our school and has his great escape plan on the 11th of November which is the night before Fall summit event.

Resting on the bed (bread) board.
Enjoying his pizza while planning the escape.
Confronting the interaction design paradigm.
Spoon his way out of prison!
View from a surveillance camera
Behind the scene